Market Maker List

AAOI Applied Optoelectronics, Inc. Gifford
ABMD Abiomed Inc. Gifford
ACIA Acacia Communications Inc. Gifford
ACTA Actua Corporation Glanville
ACTG Acacia Research Corporation Gifford
ADTN ADTRAN, Inc. Gifford
AERO Aerogrow International Gifford
AKTS Akoustis Technologies, Inc. Gifford
ALQA Alliqua BioMedical Inc. Glanville
ALRM Holdings, Inc. Glanville
AMD Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. Glanville
ANTH Anthera Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Glanville
AOSL Alpha and Omega Semiconductor Limited Gifford
APHB AmpliPhi Biosciences Corp. Gifford
APRI Apricus Biosciences, Inc. Glanville
ASPS Altisource Portfolio Solutions Gifford
ASUR Asure Software Inc. Gifford
ATEC Alphatec Holdings, Inc. Gifford
ATRC AtriCure, Inc. Gifford
AUDC AudioCodes Ltd. Gifford
AXTI AXT Incorporated Glanville
BCOV Brightcove, Inc. Gifford
BIOA BioAmber, Inc. Glanville
BIOS BioScrip, Inc. Gifford
BPMX BioPharmaX Corp. Glanville
BPTH Bio-Path Holdings, Inc. Glanville
BRG Bluerock Residential Growth REIT, Inc. Gifford
BSFT Broadsoft, Inc. Glanville
BV Bazaarvoice, Inc. Gifford
BXE Bellatrix Exploration Ltd Glanville
CAFN Cachet Financial Solutions, Inc. Gifford
CALX Calix, Inc. Gifford
CAMP Calamp Corp Gifford
CARB Carbonite Inc. Glanville
CASM CAS Medical Systems, Inc Gifford
CHGG Chegg, Inc. Gifford
CHKP Check Point Software Technologies, Ltd. Gifford
CIEN Ciena Corp Gifford
CLFD Clearfield, Inc. Gifford
CLWY Calloway’s Nursery, Inc. Gifford
CLSN Celsion Corp. Glanville
CMTL Comtech Telecommunications, Inc. Gifford
COMM CommScope Holding Company Gifford
COUP Coupa Software, Inc. Gifford
CPE Callon Petroleum Company Glanville
CREE Cree, Inc. Glanville
CRM Inc. Gifford
CRUS Cirrus Logic, Inc. Gifford
CRY Cryolife, Inc. Gifford
CRZO Carrizo Oil & Gas, Inc Glanville
CUDA Barracuda Networks Inc. Gifford
CVM Cel-Sci Corp. Glanville
CWEI Clayton Williams Energy, Inc. Glanville
CYCC Cyclacel Pharma, Inc. Glanville
CYDY Cytodyn, Inc. Gifford
CYNO Cynosure Inc. Glanville
CYTR CytRx Corp. Glanville
DRNE Drone Aviation Holding Gifford
DSKE Daseke, Inc. Gifford
DXTR Dextera Surgical, Inc. Glanville
ECPG Encore Capital Group Inc. Gifford
EEFT Euronet Worldwide Inc. Gifford
EGAN eGain Corporation Glanville
EGHT 8X8 Inc. Gifford
EKSO Ekso Bionics Holdings, Inc. Glanville
EMKR EMCORE Corporation Glanville
ENRJ EnerJex Resources Gifford
ENT Global Eagle Entertainment, Inc. Gifford
EPM Evolution Petroleum Corporation Glanville
ESTE Earthstone Energy Inc. Glanville
ETRM EnteroMedics Inc. Gifford
EVBG Everbridge, Inc. Gifford
EW Edwards Life Sciences Glanville
EXFO EXFO Inc. Gifford
FANG Diamondback Energy, Inc. Gifford
FEYE FireEye, Inc. Gifford
FIVN Five9 Inc. Gifford
FLEX Flex Ltd. Gifford
FN Fabrinet Gifford
FNGN Financial Engines, Inc. Gifford
FNSR Finisar Corporation Gifford
FNTEU FinTech Acquisition Corp. Gifford
FTNT Fortinet, Inc. Gifford
GDOT Green Dot Corporation Gifford
GIG GigOptix, Inc. Glanville
GUID Guidance Software, Inc. Gifford
HIIQ Health Insurance Innovations, Inc. Gifford
HIMX Himax Technologies, Inc Gifford
HLIT Harmonic Inc. Gifford
HTM U.S. Geothermal, Inc. Gifford
IDN Intellicheck, Inc. Gifford
IDXG Interpace Diagnostics, Inc. Glanville
IIVI II-VI, Inc. Gifford
IMI Intermolecular, Inc Glanville
INFN Infinera Corporation Gifford
INTC Intel Corporation Glanville
INNV Innovus Pharms, Inc. Gifford
INVE Identiv, Inc. Gifford
INVN InvenSense, Inc Gifford
IPHI Inphi Corporation Glanville
IRDM Iridium Communications Gifford
ISRG Intuitive Surgical Gifford
ITI Iteris, Inc. Gifford
IVFH Innovative Food Holdings, Inc. Gifford
IVTY Invuity, Inc. Gifford
JCS Communications Systems, Inc. Gifford
JUHL Juhl Wind Gifford
LITE Lumentum Holdings, Inc. Gifford
LLEX Lilis Energy, Inc. Gifford
LNREF Lonestar Res LTD New Gifford
LOGM LogMeIn Inc. Gifford
LONE Lonestar Resources, Inc. Gifford
LPSN Liveperson Inc. Glanville
LUNA Luna Innovations Incorporated Gifford
MARA Marathon Patent Group, Inc. Gifford
MB Mindbody, Inc. Gifford
MEET MeetMe Inc. Glanville
MGI Moneygram International, Inc. Gifford
MIFI Novatel Wireless, Inc. Gifford
MIME Mimecast Limited Gifford
MITK Mitek Systems, Inc. Gifford
MNGA MagneGas Corp. Gifford
MOBL MobileIron, Inc. Gifford
MRVC MRV Communications, Inc. Gifford
MRVL Marvell Technology Group, LTD Glanville
MTDR Matador Resources Company Gifford
MVIS Microvision Gifford
MZOR Mazor Robotics Ltd. Gifford
NOW ServiceNow, Inc Gifford
NPTN NeoPhotonics Corp Glanville
NUVA NuVasive, Inc. Glanville
NVRO Nevro Corp. Glanville
NXTM NxStage Medical Glanville
NWBO Northwest Biotherapeutics, Inc. Glanville
NUVLD Orangehook, Inc. Gifford
OBLN Obalon Therapeutics, Inc. Glanville
OCLR Oclaro, Inc. Glanville
OIIM O2Micro International Gifford
OMF Onemain Holdings Inc. Glanville
OOMA Ooma, Inc. Glanville
OPGN OpGen, Inc. Glanville
ORBC ORBCOMM Inc. Glanville
OTIV On Track Innovations Glanville
P Pandora Media Glanville
PANW Palo Alto Networks, Inc. Glanville
PCTY Paylocity Holding Corp Glanville
PDFS PDF Solutions, Inc. Gifford
PE Parsley Energy, Inc. Gifford
PFPT Proofpoint Inc. Glanville
PFSW PFSWeb Inc. Glanville
PLPM Planet Payment Inc. Glanville
PLT Plantronics, Inc Gifford
PLYA Playa Hotels, Resorts Glanville
PODD Insulet Glanville
PRMW Primo Water Corporation Glanville
PRO PROS Holdings Inc. Gifford
PSDV pSivida Corp Gifford
PVAC Penn Virginia, Corp Gifford
QCOM QUALCOMM Incorporated Glanville
QLYS Qualys, Inc Glanville
QRVO Qorvo, Inc. Glanville
QTWO Q2 Holdings, Inc. Glanville
REI Ring Energy Inc Gifford
REN Resolute Energy Corporation Gifford
RESI Altisource Residential Corp Glanville
REXX Rex Energy Corporation Glanville
RHT Red Hat Inc. Glanville
RMD ResMed Inc. Glanville
RNG Ring Central, Inc. Glanville
RNN Rexahn Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Glanville
RNVA Rennova Health, Inc. Glanville
RP Real Page, Inc Glanville
RPD Rapid7 Inc. Glanville
RSPP RSP Permian, Inc. Glanville
RSYS RadiSys Corporation Glanville
SHOR Shoretel Inc. Glanville
SIMO Silicon Motion Glanville
SN Sanchez Energy Glanville
SNDE Sundance Energy Australia LTD Glanville
SONS Sonus Networks Gifford
SPLK Splunk Inc. Glanville
SPNC Spectranetics Glanville
SPSC SPS Commerce Glanville
SQNS Sequans Communications S.A. Glanville
SREV Service Source International Glanville
SRTS Sensus Healthcare, Inc. Gifford
SRTSW Sensus Healthcare, Warrants Gifford
SSH Sunshine Heart, Inc Glanville
SSTI ShotSpotter, Inc Glanville
STMP Inc Glanville
SWIR Sierra Wireless Glanville
SWKS Skyworks Solutions Glanville
SYN Synthetic Biologics, Inc. Glanville
SYNA Synaptics Incorporated Glanville
TNAV Telenav, Inc. Gifford
TNGO Tangoe, Inc. Glanville
TREE Lending Tree, Inc. Glanville
TRUP Trupanion, Inc. Glanville
TRXC TransEnterix, Inc. Glanville
TWLO Twilio, Inc. Glanville
TYL Tyler Technologies Glanville
USAT USA Technologies Gifford
UTSI UTStarcom Holdings Corp. Glanville
VERI Veritone, Inc. Glanville
VG Vonage Holding Corp Glanville
VNOM Viper Energy Partners Glanville
VRAY ViewRay, Inc. Gifford
WDAY Workday, Inc. Glanville
WEB Glanville
WETF Wisdom Tree Investments, Inc. Glanville
WIFI Boingo Wireless, Inc. Glanville
WINT Windtree Therapeutics, Inc. Glanville
WIX Glanville
WK Workiva, Inc. Glanville
WPX WPX Energy, Inc. Glanville
WSTL Westell Gifford
WU The Western Union Company Glanville
XENT Intersect ENT. Inc. Glanville
XON Intrexon Corp. Glanville
ZAGG Zagg Inc Gifford