Wealth Management

At Northland Securities, we deliver wealth management solutions for individuals’ long-term financial needs. Through proper financial planning and discussion with experienced Financial Professionals and Registered Investment Adviser Representatives, and a full spectrum of investment solutions, we provide peace of mind to you and your family. Our constant focus is on you, the client, and your financial well-being for the future.

Access Personalized Wealth Management

Each Northland Wealth Management client works with their Financial Representative to set an individual course through an investment portfolio specific to their needs.

  • Investments are made in accordance with the client’s investment profile, which reviews many individual factors, including time horizon, risk tolerance, current assets and their allocation mix, tax status, and immediate and long-term income needs.
  • Communication and service is tailored to the client—giving you the power to determine how much or how little interaction you would like with your financial representative
  • Reputable investment solutions are reviewed and aligned with the agreed-upon investment profile, to individually tailor the client’s plan.

Our Process

  1. Decide your financial goals for your life priorities and work with your Northland Financial Representative to determine your individual investment profile.
  2. Customize your financial approach with an investment plan that reflects this profile.
  3. Implement your investment portfolio with personalized solutions.
  4. Review, adjust, and rebalance your portfolio over time to keep pace with changing market environments and personal goals.

Contact a Northland Wealth Management Financial Representative today and start planning for your future!