Northland Networks’ loan participations are known for their quality structuring, underwriting, documentation, and servicing. At the heart of its success is a network of community banks around the country. This extensive network expands opportunities for community banks: access to a wide range of lending opportunities, including various industries and regions and opportunities to utilize the network for loans they originate themselves.

Northland Networks’ enduring, quality relationships with community banks are based on simple principles:

  • Think like a bank — Northland engages a community bank as Lead on every loan. The Lead bank is an important part of underwriting, structuring, and servicing loans that meet the needs of community banks.
  • Give banks what they need — For each loan, Northland Networks provides banks with the information they need to assess and document loans, including site visits and a complete transcript.
  • Value experience — Northland’s team of underwriters has over 100 years of experience in successfully structuring and closing loans.

Northland Networks’ single focus is on connecting borrowers and lenders.

Let Northland Networks help you find your next lending opportunity.