Client-Directed Investing

After conducting an in-depth analysis of the client’s financial and tax situation, objectives, and risk tolerance, the Financial Professional will make recommendations on the investment program which is most appropriate for the client. Northland will monitor the client’s strategy to help ensure that it reflects changes in the financial markets and their needs. The aim of the asset allocation strategy is to diversify the client’s portfolio among various asset classes as part of an appropriate investment strategy. Diversification can help to reduce the client’s potential risk, help to make the investment performance of their portfolio less volatile, and may increase their investment return, as well.

Individual And Family Wealth Management

  • Initial financial plan design with ongoing monitoring – including distribution planning and cash flow analysis
  • Life insurance review and consultation
  • Employer retirement plan review and consultation
  • Retirement plan set-up, transfers, and conversions
  • Required minimum distribution consultation
  • Social Security benefits consultation
  • Income distribution strategy for retirement
  • Estate planning review
  • Guidance for heirs and survivors

Professional Investment Portfolio Direction

  • Cost-efficient portfolio design utilizing appropriate vehicles, such as mutual funds, exchange-traded funds, closed-end funds, and/or separately-managed accounts
  • Fixed income products with access to individual bonds
  • Various alternative investments, depending on client’s profile
  • Regular review of asset allocation, diversification, and performance of overall portfolio
  • Continual monitoring and due diligence of individual investment vehicles and portfolio allocation