Public Finance Services

View our “Northland Public Finance Services” Brochure for information on all our capabilities.

Debt Issuance and Management
Northland helps clients create and implement borrowing plans for municipal securities. Northland can serve as underwriter, municipal advisor, or placement agent, depending on the issuer’s needs and desires. Our goal is to help each issuer explore financing alternatives, match alternatives with objectives, understand the implications of finance plans, and find access to the market in the way that best meets their objectives. Our clients include:

  • Cities
  • Counties
  • Public School Districts
  • Municipal Utilities
  • Housing and Economic Development Authorities
  • Special Districts
  • Senior Housing and Health Care Providers

Debt Management
Your debt management needs don’t stop at closing, and neither do our services. We provide services that help borrowers effectively manage debt:

  • Continuing disclosure reporting
  • Paying agent (through Northland Trust Services)
  • Cash flow projections
  • Refinancing analysis
  • Debt defeasance

Development Services
Northland provides the experience, creativity, and approach needed to make successful economic development, redevelopment, and housing projects. We help clients find the right balance between financial feasibility and risk. Turn to Northland for:

  • Evaluation of project feasibility
  • Creation of finance plans for use of tax increment financing (TIF), tax abatement, New Market Tax Credits, special service/business improvement districts, housing improvement areas, and other public financial assistance tools
  • Establishment of project management and annual reporting systems
  • Negotiation of development agreements

Northland Securities provides economic development assistance to private developers when such assistance does not pose a conflict of interest. We have found that working directly with developers provides us with knowledge and relationships that benefit our clients. There is no better way to understand a developer’s perspective on financial assistance than to have worked on a developer’s team. We have used this experience to help our clients create and implement effective development strategies.

Strategic Financial Planning
Northland knows that successful financial planning is crucial to achieving financial strength and agility. Northland staff has designed and led a wide range of strategic financial planning projects, as both government staff and consultants. We understand the importance of developing well-conceived financial plans to help guide decision-making. Our staff offers a broad range of experience and technical skills. We have the ability to analyze complex financial planning issues and the communication skills necessary to convert these complex matters into useful decision-making materials. Northland’s financial planning expertise includes:

  • Financial management plans
  • Rate and fee studies
  • Revenue diversification
  • Capital improvement plans
  • Long-term financial planning
  • Utility rate and user fee studies
  • Tax impact analysis
  • Feasibility analysis for revenue-based community facilities

Special Projects
Northland’s skills and expertise apply to a variety of planning and problem solving activities:

  • Strategic plans
  • Economic development plans
  • Goal setting workshops and other group decision-making facilitation
  • Service studies
  • Development plan implementation
  • Service delivery options and feasibility
  • Municipal annexation and merger
  • Shared service/joint venture projects
  • Participation in multi-firm planning projects