Portfolio/Money Management Alternatives

In addition to being a FINRA Member Broker-Dealer, Northland is also a Registered Investment Adviser (RIA) with the Securities Exchange Commission, conducting RIA business as Northland Asset Management. This allows our Investment Adviser Representatives (IARs) to offer numerous advisory products and services, including a wide selection of third-party money managers, and fee for financial planning services. A fee-based money management approach allows you to negotiate and establish the quarterly money management fee, moving away from the traditional commission environment and resulting in an alignment of advisor compensation with a growing investment portfolio.

Clients of Northland Asset Management are also able to develop portfolios that respect their core social and moral values. Portfolios may be structured to support goals such as environmental progress, health and well-being, animal rights, and a host of other personalized considerations.

Features include:

  • Client Interest: Fee-based pricing aligns the advisor’s compensation with the success of the portfolio.
  • Objectivity: Because the advisor is compensated based on the value of the client assets, you can be assured of unbiased recommendations of investment products.
  • Reporting: Activity for each separate account is detailed monthly in brokerage statements from a third-party custodian, along with quarterly performance reports.
  • Improved Tax Management: When assets are held in a separate account, investment positions are not pooled as in a mutual fund and receive individual cost basis. This can result in better tax management through buy and sell decisions of individual investments.

Northland Asset Management Customized Managed Money Programs

Your Northland Financial Professional can help you decide which money manager and which investment approach you need to reach your destination. With multiple money management approaches, we can help you choose an appropriate money manager. The program also combines operations resources, including quarterly performance reporting, consolidated account reporting, and online account access. At Northland, the choices are many, and include:

Advanced Investment Partners
Alliance Bernstein
Anchor Capital Advisors
Ariel Investments
Ashfield Capital Partners
Brandes Investment Partners
Davis Selected Advisors
Eaton Vance Management
Horizon Investment Services
Lazard Asset Management
Lord, Abbett & Co.

Madison Investment Advisors
Mastrapasqua Asset Management
Minneapolis Portfolio Management Group
Northern Trust Investments
NWQ Investment Management
Riverbridge Partners
Tradewinds Global Investors
White Pine Capital

Talk with a Northland Financial Representative today about customized managed account solutions through Northland Asset Management to see how you can:

  • Improve your investment performance and gain access to some of the same money managers used by large pension plans, endowments, and institutions
  • Maintain an individual cost basis for improved tax management
  • Transfer the day-to-day investment decisions to a trusted third-party
  • Control fees and expenses with the transparency offered by Northland Asset Management


Registration as an Investment Adviser Representative does not imply a certain level of skill or training.  A full text of Northland’s Code of Ethics is available upon request.  Go to the Policies & Disclosures page for more information and the RIA Form ADV/Program Brochure.