Northland Trust Services

Northland Trust Services differentiates itself by placing the customer as the highest priority in the performance of its duties. This perspective allows Northland to ensure a high-quality infrastructure of safety, accuracy, and dependability for all clients, which is fully supported by a knowledgeable, experienced, and dedicated staff.

Northland Trust Services provides the following services for various debt issuers:

  • Paying Agent
  • Transfer & Registrar
  • Escrow Agent
  • Fiscal Agent

In 2004, Northland Trust Services, Inc. was authorized as a Limited Purpose Trust Company to do business by the Minnesota State Department of Commerce, Banking Division, which continues to oversee and audit all financial records, policies, procedures, and compliance. Besides Minnesota, Northland Trust Services is also registered in North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wisconsin.

Northland Trust Services, Inc. is a subsidiary of Northland Capital Holdings, Inc. Affiliated companies include Northland Securities, Inc., Northland Networks, Inc., and Northland Directions, Inc.

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