Expertise in Tax-Efficient Investing

Northland Securities, Inc. is a full-service broker-dealer with an underlying focus on tax-efficient investments and services.  Real estate-based exchange strategies compliment the tax-efficient income, appreciation potential with reduced management, and wealth transfer growth objectives of Accredited Investors. These objectives are best served by utilizing a team of experts that include tax professionals, legal advisors, real estate professionals, and qualified financial services intermediaries (with appropriate licensure to offer securities investments).

Clients’ family members, bankers, realtors, life insurance agents, and business associates are important advisors. But your tax and legal advisors are the best resource to establish and maintain an underlying basis for tax-efficient income, growth, and transfer of assets. Northland Securities’ Investment Professionals will work with your tax and legal team to find the most appropriate and tax-efficient investment solutions. We do not provide tax or legal advice, and we fully understand that these advisors provide guidance and direction for meaningful tax efficiency and asset transfer.

Clients’ needs for tax efficiency evolve over time, given the changes in prevailing tax rates, as well as growth of net worth and income. Clients benefit most from a team of professional advisors focused on tax-efficient objectives, and providing:

  • Coordination of asset ownership with trusts, wills, brokerage accounts, life insurance, and business interests to optimize wealth transfer via gifting, DST/IRC 1031 Exchanges, or estate planning.
  • Coordination of beneficiary designations, including contingent beneficiary designations, with asset ownership and wealth transfer objectives to provide continuity and tax efficiency.
  • Coordination of buy/sell activity for investment portfolios or business interests, to provide guidance and direction regarding when to execute buy/sell transactions, as well as to identify the impact of the applicable gain/loss over basis.
  • Coordination of retirement income planning among clients’ qualified accounts, non-qualified brokerage accounts, business interests, defined benefit plans, and life insurance, to maximize retirement income and wealth transfer objectives.

Northland Securities is committed to working closely with tax and legal advisors as consideration is given to a DST/IRC 1031 Exchange.  For additional information regarding DST/IRC 1031 Exchange services, please contact Northland Securities.


For informational purposes only. Northland Securities does not provide tax or legal advice. Accredited Investors interested in a tax-deferred DST/IRC 1031 Exchange should seek advice from their qualified tax and legal advisors. Trusted Advisors will not be compensated by Northland Securities. 

This is neither an offer to sell nor a solicitation to buy any security.  Such an offer may be made only by means of an official offering memorandum.  Investors should read any offering memorandum and review any risks associated with any offering.  This website is incomplete and does not include all material necessary for an investor to make a determination regarding whether to transact in a DST/1031 Exchange. DST/1031 Exchange opportunities offered through Northland Securities are available only to Accredited Investors.  Investors must be qualified prior to any discussion of a current or contemplated offering.