Why Northland

What Sets Northland Apart

Northland is both a registered municipal advisor and a broker-dealer (underwriter). Other Upper Midwest public finance firms are often one or the other, municipal advisor or underwriter. This difference enables Northland to serve its clients in ways other firms cannot.

Northland Securities is the only firm currently serving Minnesota cities that is both a full service financial (municipal) advisor and a leading underwriter of municipal bonds. All other firms are “independent” financial advisory firms. Why is this important? The independent firms contend that there is an inherent and unavoidable conflict of interest in a firm serving both issuer and investor. They suggest that a firm that is an underwriter should not be a municipal advisor to the issuer. In truth, federal securities regulations prohibit Northland from serving as municipal advisor and underwriter on the same issue. When Northland serves as municipal advisor to a community, we have the identical fiduciary responsibility to the community as any independent firm.

Northland is involved in the municipal bond market in ways that are not possible for firms that are solely municipal advisors. Northland Securities’ trading desk is a leading underwriter of municipal bonds. Our bond traders and sales staff have daily interactions with other underwriters and bond investors. Northland Public Finance draws on these internal resources to get valuable and real-time insights about investor interests and market conditions. We use this knowledge to help our clients successfully achieve their borrowing objectives. Northland provides the broadest range of financing options for issuing bonds. Issuers can find the means of borrowing that best achieves their financial objectives.

People Make a Difference

Knowledge, skills, approach, integrity. The staff of Northland Public Finance is the key to exemplary service. Every firm has experienced people. It is how you apply that experience to the benefit of the client that makes a difference.

Northland’s public finance professionals are hands-on problem solvers. We are actively engaged in working with our clients to define objectives, analyze alternatives, and create finance plans. This approach ensures that the expertise of our senior staff works to the benefit of our clients. It also avoids the “lost in translation” potential when the client representative relies on analysis performed by other staff.

Our seasoned staff knows the ins and outs of public finance, local government, and economic development. Our experience provides a clear understanding of “the rules” and the lessons learned from past projects. These qualities are essential to working outside of the box to find a better way to meet your needs.

Northland’s “back room” is second to none. The staff that prepares the official statement and manages the closing process are often invisible to the issuer. They are, however, essential to providing the best possible service. Northland’s staff delivers thorough and accurate documents with a process that minimizes the time commitment for issuer staff.


“Providing direction and producing results” guides everything we do. Northland’s approach leads to effective solutions that meet your objectives.

Northland treats the role of “advisor” seriously. Our approach is not to tell you what to do. Our objective is to provide each client with accurate and understandable information so they can decide what is in their community’s best interest. We take pride in our ability to make complex financial issues understandable.

We listen and explore to make sure we clearly understand your issues and objectives. In turn, we strive to provide you with useful decision-making information. It is essential that you understand the options and implications related to every project.

Northland is responsive. When you need us, we are there. We strive to return every phone call and email as quickly as possible. When you need information, we work to get it in hours and not days. When we set deadlines, we meet them.

Northland works harder. We may not have the name recognition or the client base of our competitors. To offset this, we work harder to create and maintain excellent working relationships. We are driven by the desire to provide added value and attention. The incentive to go the extra mile comes through in the service we provide.

Northland has a proven record of helping communities find creative solutions to complex issues. Inventive solutions don’t just happen. Northland has created a system that encourages creativity from experienced staff. New ideas come from an intimate understanding of traditional approaches and the legal/market environment that shapes the outcome. Northland’s public finance professionals work in a collaborative environment and draw from our wealth of experience to overcome the tough issues faced by many issuers.