Randy G. Nitzsche, President, CEO            Bio

Beginning his career at the Chicago Stock Exchange, Randy later became involved in the securities clearing business.  This led him to Minneapolis in 1999, where he became CEO of an online brokerage firm.  Randy brings to Northland Securities a diverse background in administration of brokerage services.

Mark L. Beese, Executive Vice President         Bio

For over twenty years, Mark worked with a team of investment professionals pursuing fixed income transactions throughout the country. During recent years, his business has focused on providing capital to healthcare and commercial ventures through numerous tax-exempt bond issues and taxable loan participations.

Thomas J. Bartzen, Chairman of the Board, Executive Vice President 

Before his retirement at the end of 2018, Tom Bartzen had over 30 years of experience covering all aspects of the securities business, from trading to management. He was especially noted in the bond industry for his abilities as a municipal bond credit analyst. Thanks to his leadership, a careful evaluation of investment opportunities is a core strength of Northland Securities.

Steven J. Mattson, Executive Vice President

Steve was a specialist in structuring bond issues, with extensive experience as a municipal financial advisor and bond underwriter. Steve structured over 2,000 bond issues, raising more than $2 billion of capital for municipalities in the Midwest. Steve passed away in 2015.

Richard J. Reynolds, Executive Vice President

Before retiring in 2018, Rick was in the industry for over 35 years and served for many years as the director of Northland’s Financial Services Department.  He helped build the platform for Northland representatives to provide clients with a robust array of bonds, equities, mutual funds, closed-end funds, alternative investments, annuities, long-term care insurance, and life insurance.